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5 Reasons why this geometry egg toy is the ideal gift for your children!

This geometry egg toy is the perfect STEM toy for your child and has quickly become a hit among children.

1. Helps children learn numbers and colors

1. Helps children learn numbers and colors

Children hate to spend time on textbooks. That’s why this toy is designed to let them learn their numbers and colors instantly.

This set includes 12 white eggs with 12 different numbers, and children have to match the egg's interior with the right number to put an egg together.

By putting the right numbered pieces together… Children learn and memorize numbers easily through hands-on playing experience.

Plus, all numbered pieces come in different colors, which makes it easy to memorize colors as well.

2. Finetunes motor skills

2. Finetunes motor skills

As toddlers are in their physical and mental development stage… It’s important that toys leave a positive impact on their growth.

By plugging the egg pieces together… Your child uses their hand muscles and improves their fine motor skills.

This helps them when it comes to writing, painting, or doing other stuff that involves hands and fingers.

3. Gets children excited to play

3. Gets children excited to play

Not every toy can get children excited and interested in playing to the point that they want to play with it every day.

However, with these egg toys… Children are always excited to play with “Eggs”.

It keeps them engaged in play for hours and eliminates boredom instantly, plus the cute design keeps them interested.

Some parents even reported that their children play twice or thrice every day with these toys because of how fun and exciting they’re for children.

4. Made strong to last for years to come

4. Made strong to last for years to come

We know… Children can get a bit rough with their toys. That’s why these eggs are designed from high-quality ABS material which makes it safe and durable.

Unlike real eggs, these eggs can resist any damage your child puts them through. Whether they bang them on the table, throw them away, or just treat them roughly… These eggs won’t break.

Both eggs and the egg container are made of high-quality material that almost makes them break free.

5. Age-appropriate for children

5. Age-appropriate for children

Some toys are too complex for children; however, these eggs are specially designed for children aged 1-6 years.

Their size is just a bit larger than normal eggs, which makes it easy for children to grip. Also, only the correct pieces will fit together, so your child will easily memorize the numbers by plugging in the correct pieces together.

Kids can take the eggs apart, match them, name the numbers, tell the colors, or invent other methods to play with this toy that sparks their imagination and creativity.

These eggs help your child master their numbers and colors without breaking a sweat!

Rated 5 Star

Fun, education, and excitement - All in one place.

  • Perfect for children aged 1-6
  • Improves gross motor skills and enhances cognitive development
  • Super strong and durable
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