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This Fun Finger Painting Kit is Helping Children Unleash their Inner Artist in A Safe and Non-toxic Manner

Parents Around the World are Grateful because This No-mess Finger Painting Kit Makes Coloring More Fun

Kiddospace has brought this revolutionary finger painting kit to the stage and is helping children explore their inner artists in a non-toxic, safe, and fun manner.

Instead of using markers, pens, or crayons, toddlers can use this finger painting kit to sharpen their painting skills and improve their fine motion skills at the same time.

It’s being loved and adored by children, parents, and even grandparents because of how fun and easy to use they are.

From Having Difficulty Finding the Perfect Art Supplies for her Son to Finding This Finger Painting Kit and Falling in Love with it, Cathy Shares Her Story

Cathy bought this finger painting kit for her son as a birthday gift.

But before discovering this kit, Cathy had to go through an episode of stress and trouble where she couldn’t find the perfect gift for her child.

“This finger painting kit is a savior. It’s perfect! My son loves painting now and is indulged in hours of fun.” She said

The traditional crayons and pencils are either too hard to grip properly.

Little children don’t have much developed sensory and motor skills which makes it hard for them to properly draw or write anything.

And to make matters worse, traditional crayons and paintbrushes created a lot of mess that was difficult to clean. The crayons were either too hard for children to use, and the paintbrushes or water paints created so much mess that parents have to spend hours trying to get colors off their hands.

Until One Day, Cathy Found this Finger Painting Kit that Promised to Make Coloring Time more Fun by Being Safe, Non-toxic, Easy to use, and Mess-free.

No more struggling to paint with markers, pens, and crayons.

No more mess from paint brushes or water paints.

Plus it came with a book that helps give endless ideas to children when painting. They will love adding leaves to the tree with their little fingers.

Cathy had finally found something that would keep his son engaged in hours of endless painting experience without creating a mess.

Here are some benefits you get once you get your hands on this finger painting kit!


A Stain-free Coloring Experience

These paints create literally no mess at all. Because they’re washable, they would easily come off even if your child places the paint on furniture or fabric.

Nor would your child’s hands get messy, and neither would anything else. Simply use a towel or wet wipes to wipe off all the paint easily.


No water is required!

Just dip the finger in the pallet and imprint it on the paper - that’s how easy it is to use this kit. However, if you feel like the paint is getting dry, just add a few drops of water, and it’ll moisten up again.


Endless painting ideas

Want to let your child explore their creativity? This kit offers children a variety of creative techniques to explore and express themselves through art.

Whether it’s blending colors, adding texture by swirling or dotting, scraping away paint, using stencils or stamping using their finger tips or objects like cloths or corks – there are endless possibilities to create unique and interesting works of art. Let your child unleash their inner artist.... and have hours of fun!


 Safe and Non-toxic

Since the paint will come in contact with your child’s skin, it’s important that it should be non-toxic.

Luckily, this paint kit is made up of eco-friendly premium paint that is 100% safe for contact with skin, so your child can paint for hours without any worries.


Money-back guarantee

Kiddospace is confident in the products they produce and have an army of parents that love everything it manufactured. That’s why they’re offering a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t like this kit for any reason.

Where Can You Buy This Finger Painting Kit?

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Thanks to its unique usage, it’s helping little children create stunning masterpieces with their fingers.

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