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5 Reasons Why Parents Are Switching From Old-School Messy Painting Techniques To This Innovative Painting Kit

This washable kit lets your little one paint freely by letting them use their hands and helping them develop their motor skills. The result? They get a mess-free painting experience that lets them have fun while nurturing their creativity.

1. Unmatched Sensory Experience 


1. A Mess-free painting experience

Hate when kids end up staining clothes, furniture, and their hands after using markers and normal paint supplies? This Finger Painting Kit is made of a special washable paint, so your child will always get to enjoy a mess-free painting experience.

2. Enhances Fine Motor Skills


2. Let your child express their creativity with fun

This kit comes with 2 coloring books that deliver endless creative ideas to your child. Whether your child wants to draw some leaves on a tree, paint horns on a deer, or have blank space to draw and paint whatever they want… they will have endless possibilities for creativity and fun.

3. Encourages Learning through Play


3. Easy to use for little ones - no water required

Unlike other coloring supplies or water paints, your child will have a fun time because this kit is easy to use. No extra stuff or water is needed to color and draw with this paint. They will just dip their fingers in the paint and let their creativity roll out.

4. Safe, Durable, Washable and Portable


4. Combination of fun, education, and joy!

This kit lets kids use their fingers to draw, which boosts their gross-motor skills, and as they paint more, they keep engaging their creative side, which keeps getting better. As a result, children using this kit improve their cognitive development while having fun!

5. Ideal Christmas Gift


5. A gift to cherish for life

Want to see your child or grandkid smile brightly with a lovely gift? This kit is the recipe for endless fun and laughter. They will fall in love with your gift and have a kit they’ll cherish for life, thanks to the priceless memories they’ll create.

Let Your Child's Inner Artist Shine with KiddoSpace’s Finger-painting Kit


Rated 5 Star

KiddoSpace’s Finger Painting Kit delivers an all-rounded, mess-free painting experience to let children express their creativity freely.

  • Washable and mess free
  • Comes with 2 drawing books
  • Fun and easy to use
  • Promotes independent play
  • Doesn’t require any water

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