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5 Reasons Why Parents Across America Are Ditching Regular Toothbrushes for These New Toy-Like Toothbrushes

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I worried my daughter would not be willing to use it but she loved it! She thinks it is so fun to push the button and brush , she uses it multiple times per day. We were struggling to get her to agree to brush ever, so this has saved her teeth for sure !

Mila B.

1. Begeistert Kinder vom Zähneputzen (2).webp__PID:c42e2688-1ef5-4b48-aeb2-3114023d3644

1. Makes Kids Fall In Love With Brushing

Thanks to its added entertainment features, KiddoBrush™ grabs children’s attention and makes them like brushing their teeth. With 5 different dental-grade LED lights, 5 built-in songs, and a cute toy-like design, it looks no different than your child’s favorite toy.

2. Hilft, Zähneputzen zur Gewohnheit zu machen (1).webp__PID:049f5d0e-9da4-4907-ad6b-f5a5fa542bba

2. Makes Brushing Easy For Kids

KiddoBrush™ makes brushing simple with its easy-to-hold design and requires simple circular motion to clean your child’s teeth. Whether your child is experiencing autism, has special needs, or finds regular brush uncomfortable, this brush makes it simple and easy for kids to brush.

3. Beseitigen Sie Plaque und Karies in 45 Sekunden


3. Cleans Thoroughly, Leaving No Food Particles Behind

Kids don’t brush for 2 minutes with regular brushes because it’s boring and uncomfortable... which leaves their teeth unclean. KiddoBrush™ cleans their teeth in 45 seconds and leaves no morsel, plaque, or cavity behind by offering a complete solution that includes 3 different brushing modes, a tongue scraper, and 50 dental flosses.

4. Sinnesfreundliche BĂĽrste


4. Tough on Germs - Soft on Gums

KiddoBrush™ comes with bristles that are as soft as a feather on your child’s gums. These bristles have up to 48000 vibrations per second, which eliminates all the germs while being gentle on the gums. The result? Your little one gets squeaky clean gums without any irritation or discomfort.

5. Erhältlich in leckeren Zahnpasta-Geschmacksrichtungen


5. Comes with Yummy Toothpaste Flavors, Dental Floss and Tongue Scraper

With KiddoBrush™, your little one gets different toothpaste flavors that turn brushing time into a tasty treat. From fruity bursts to sweet sensations, each flavor is carefully crafted to be likable to young taste buds and make dental care a joyous ritual. And on top of that, your little one gets dental floss and tongue scraper to clean every nook and cranny.

KiddoBrush™ - The Future of Happy Dental Care


Rated 5 Star

  • Makes brushing exciting and fun
  • Easy to use for children
  • Soft silicone bristles and comfortable grip
  • Eliminates plaque and cavity
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

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