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Regular Toothbrushes Weren’t Making Her Children Brush Their Teeth. So She Found Something that Made Them Excited About Brushing


By Emily Davis 
Published on Feb 2, 2024 | 08:10 pm EDT


If you’re like me and are always worried about getting your children to brush their teeth, then you can understand my daily struggles.

Every day started and ended with “brush wars” with my children. They would run around making random excuses like “This is boring” or “This hurts my teeth.”

Somedays, I forced them or even tried “bribing” them to brush their teeth, but they were just too clever with their excuses.

All I wanted for my babies was to laugh freely forever and never go through…

  • Cavities.
  • Dental extractions.
  • Gum diseases.
  • Root canals.
  • Crown placements.

Because I knew that not caring about oral health could lead to pain, discomfort, crying, and expensive treatments down the line.

The last thing I wanted is to go to the dentist and get expensive root canals, dental extractions and crowns placed for my kids.

Or for them to develop dental issues when they grow old and curse me for not being a good mother and making them brush their teeth.

Now, since I couldn’t get them to brush… I started trying different alternatives.

Regular big box retailer toothbrushes weren’t cutting it.

frustrating mom.jpg__PID:8e64c92d-0231-4f3d-b88d-b175d94ce681

I wanted to try something other than being strict or developing the habit of instant gratification.

But nothing worked. All the fancy electric toothbrushes scared them away.

And the songs I sang while brushing, or the dance moves I tried to pull to make them brush their teeth didn’t work either… super frustrating.

And all I wanted as their mother was to…

See them healthy.
Have a good smile.
Develop lifelong oral hygiene habits.

Since nothing I tried worked, I felt so guilty for their condition that I kept delaying their appointment with the dentist…

Until my son complained of a toothache.

I got worried and hurriedly booked an appointment for both kids.

And what happened on their dental checkup shook me to my core.

dentist-428646_1280 (1).jpg__PID:9478484d-3ca3-44c2-8258-bbbd5a519b67

My kids didn’t brush and I was worried about what the dentist would think of me as a parent.

And when the check up started, the dentist asked me the question I was dreading…

“When was the last time they picked up a toothbrush? You know it’s your responsibility to get them to brush their teeth, right?”

I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me whole because of how embarrassed I was.

It felt like a judgmental spotlight was shining down on me, exposing my parenting flaws for everyone to see and laugh about.

“No matter what I do, I can’t get them to brush their teeth.” I said with my voice breaking in between.

“Well, you’ll have to figure that out because we’re looking at a total of 5 fillings and 2 crown placements for your 7 year old… which will set you back by $4,000.

And the 9 year old has his molars completely rotted and needs to have 3 teeth worked. That’s why she was experiencing pain.


And since you didn’t come sooner and they don’t brush to begin with…

I might have to put him under anesthesia because of the extractions. And it will cost you an additional $5,000.”

I wasn’t prepared for this because I underestimated how expensive dental care could be.

And the sad part was that I couldn’t afford to spend $9,000 on getting my children’s teeth fixed.

It would take everything I had saved and I’ll still fall short on the money.

So, after the appointment, I had to do something I never thought I would do in my life.

I asked my sister for a loan to pay for the procedure because I was $6k short and I didn’t want my kids to suffer.

That day, I cried myself to sleep because I felt like a failure as a parent.

My children didn’t brush their teeth and this situation had me asking people for money.

And at that time, I knew it couldn’t carry on like this. I can’t spend $9,000 every year on fixing their teeth… and I had to find a solution.

If only I could get my children to brush, I will be able to save them from the misery of broken and falling teeth as they grow old… while saving money.

At this point, I was at my lowest.

I had failed to get my children interested in brushing and now their teeth were rotting. The bills were stacking. And I was under immense stress.

Feeling stuck, on the day of the procedure, I asked the dentist about how I can get my children to brush their teeth and have good oral hygiene.

She told me that most children avoid brushing teeth because they find it boring… or think of it as a chore.

“Kids are curious. They like things that are bright and fun for them to use. That’s why you see them playing with toys – even the educational ones.

For a while, my colleagues and I used to recommend electric toothbrushes with cartoon characters on them for kids.

But they weren’t always getting the job done. Parents would still come to me complaining how their child is still making excuses and not brushing.

Now, while these electric toothbrushes look cute and clean well, kids often tend to dislike the sounds they make and only do it when supervised… which creates extra friction.

So, the best thing you can do is to make brushing fun… while making sure the teeth are cleaned properly.”

“And we’ve discovered a ground-breaking toy-like toothbrush that gets children excited about brushing their teeth by making it fun.”


“I came across a new startup 6 months ago that, according to experts, is going to be the next big thing in the kids oral hygiene space.

I was skeptical initially because it wasn’t from a big name brand and during years of practice, I’ve always told my patients that regular brushes get the job done.

But what made me think about giving this new product a try was the fact that there weren’t any specialized solutions for kids who don’t like brushing.

You see, children have specific needs and the products we use as adults don’t do much for them.

For example their motor skills aren’t fully developed… that’s why you’ll see them holding brushes the wrong way or not cleaning their teeth properly.

Things like these create a lot of friction and make them want to never brush again.

So, I decided to test it.

I shared it with 15 families that had the same problem as yours.

Their kids too weren’t brushing and it was hurting both their oral health and their parent’s wallets.

So, I told all of them to use it for at least 5-6 months and share their experience on their next dental checkup.

And when they came back on their second checkup, they were incredibly happy!

Their kids had started brushing their teeth happily and their oral hygiene had improved drastically.

Which made me realize that this discovery not only turns brushing into a fun bonding activity, but also cleans kids’ teeth faster and better than regular toothbrushes on the market.


It’s only made by a company called KiddoSpace, and the “toy-like solution” is called the KiddoBrush™.

The dentist further added…

“You see, regular toothbrushes don’t have multi-layered bristles like the KiddoBrush™.

Indeed, KiddoBrush™ has a special U-shaped design that has 18,000 vibrations per minute designed to clean the teeth within 45 seconds… unlike the normal brushes that take 2 minutes to clean.

And to make brushing more effective, it comes with LED lights that kill harmful bacteria by working in harmony with its double layered bristles that clean every corner of your child’s mouth automatically.”

According to him, this new kind of toothbrush takes care of plaque in less than 45 seconds… hence eliminating the chances of cavities.

“What exactly is the KiddoBrush™... I asked him”


KiddoBrush™ is the first-of-its-kind toothbrush that comes with a U-shaped brush head made with silicone bristles that are not only soft… but reach every part of your child’s mouth.

And its replaceable brush head helps your child avoid issues that come with regular brushes. You get 5 built-in songs and unique lights that make brushing feel like a fun activity.

… It sounded like something that could work because my children thought of brushing as a boring chore.

And this music and light can add the fun twist I’ve been missing out on.

So, I put KiddoBrush™ to the test, and the results were shocking!!


Since KiddoSpace offers a 100% money-back guarantee, I ordered the KiddoBrush™ to see if it actually made my children start brushing.

My main objectives for the test were to see if it actually cleaned and if it made brushing their teeth exciting.

After a couple of days, I received my packet and what happened next was something I didn’t expect…

My kids love it and now they brush twice a day all on their own!


I couldn’t believe it. Not only were my kids brushing their teeth regularly, but most importantly, their plaque was starting to go away.

The best part? No more tantrums. This little powerful toy-like toothbrush really works. I only wish I had come across this product YEARS ago.

If I had it earlier, I would have saved $11.000 in dental work for my two kids and a lot of tears.

And since it’s automatic, I didn’t have to supervise them. They brushed whenever they wanted… simply by applying toothpaste, turning it on and cleaning their teeth.

So, after using it for 8 months, it was time for the big day.

I had to take my kids to the dentists for a follow up and I was worried about what the dentist would say and whether I’ll have to pay for more dental procedures.

But deep down I was hopeful too because… firstly this product was recommended by my dentist, and secondly because my kids’ teeth looked clean and they were brushing regularly.

So, I went ahead to the appointment… slightly scared.

The dentists sat us down and looked at my kids’ teeth one at a time.

I couldn’t believe my ears when the dentist looked at me smiling and told me everything was fine this time.

No new cavities.
No fillings.
And all the teeth in great condition.

I was so happy because my kids were brushing regularly and they had no dental issues anymore.

And the dentist even commended me on how good their oral hygiene was.

I was relieved that this time he didn’t hand us a huge bill and everyone walked out with a smile.

Even thinking about making a good investment on my children’s oral health makes me feel like a good mother.

How to use the KiddoBrush™ to get maximum oral hygiene for kids?

I was actually fascinated about how easy it is for kids to use it. They now do it without my supervision and I hear them singing and dancing to the tunes.

Step 1: Apply Toothpaste


Your tiny tot can just slap KiddoBrush™ toothpaste on both ends of their brush head. And for the itty-bitty ones, lend 'em a hand.

Step 2: Choose a setting (4).webp__PID:d8313b55-e07a-4468-82c2-685d5a7ceddb

Your kiddo gets to tinker with different cleaning modes and timer modes, plus the entertaining (and oh-so-useful!) LED blue & red lights.

Step 3: Brush!


This is where they brush all by themselves (and willingly, mind you!), achieving a goof-proof clean in a mere 45 seconds.

What are the benefits of the KiddoBrush™?


Makes brushing fun

Children love brushing with their new KiddoBrush because it offers music and lights to make things exciting



It cleans every corner of your child’s mouth because of its double-layered bristle design



Makes morning and night time brushing routines tantrum-free


Perfect size

Ideal size for children to hold and use


Ideal for oral health

Replaceable brush heads help ensure that your child never has to use dirty bacteria filled brushes again


Faster brushing than normal

Soft bristles are light on your child’s gums and its double cleaning action gets the job done in 45 seconds

Here’s how to try KiddoBrush™ and get 40% off on your order:


Step 1: Click on the link below

Step 2: Select which KiddoBrush™ and any add-ons you would like to try (brush style, and age, and toothpaste flavor)

Step 3: Receive your package and watch your children take care of their oral hygiene


IMPORTANT: You Won’t Find KiddoBrush™ In Department Stores, On Amazon Or Ebay


That’s because KiddoSpace doesn’t want any middlemen or retainers to jack up the prices and deprive parents from this amazing discovery.

So you will never pay $197 for this toy-like toothbrush.

KiddoSpace is devoted to making parenting easier and with KiddoBrush™, their goal is to get children to brush their teeth so parents don’t have to deal with the repercussions.

That’s why KiddoSpace sells directly to parents.

They believe in word of mouth and since the product works, dentists are now endorsing and recommending it to parents.

And that’s why I’ve decided to write this article for them.

To play my part and share what I went through and how this miracle of a product helped.

It’s the least I can do for how much KiddoBrush™ has helped me with my kids.

And that’s why you are not going to pay $197 - which is the recommended price for a device of this caliber.

KiddoSpace doesn’t want the price to stand in your way.

So you won’t even pay half.

So even though they charge $69.99 per brush on their official website…

You won't have to pay that today either.

Via This Link ONLY, you can get your KiddoBrush’s Entire Kit for a one-time fee of just $49.95!

Yes, just $49.95.


KiddoBrush™ Comes With the Risk of Pain and Regret If You Miss Out

Now, after sharing what I had to go through, I want to take a moment to talk about what happens if you don’t act now.

Because the way I see it is you really have 2 options that lead to 2 profoundly different realities.

Option #1:

Is to keep falling for mainstream solutions that have big pharma behind them. These solutions will never be innovative enough to grab your children’s attention.

You’ll find yourself spending thousands of dollars every year trying to fix their teeth before they grow old and realize how terrible their oral hygiene is.

They’ll turn at you and blame you for their terrible oral health and not making them brush their teeth while they had the time.

Option #2:

You can make the smart decision to try KiddoBrush™ and at least have a chance to turn things around in weeks to come.

Remember - You’ve got nothing to lose .

Either it works as advertised and you’ll experience a massive relief.

OR you’ll get 100% of your money back.

Either way, it’s better than just giving up and doing nothing.

I still thank God every day that the dentist recommended KiddoBrush™ and it not only saved me money, but also my children’s teeth.

Their eyes shine when they smile and I can rest assured knowing they have developed a habit of brushing… something they will carry with themselves for years to come.

You owe it to your kids to give it a shot.

It's time to do the smart thing, the right thing for you and your family while you still can.

Click the button below to apply your discount and do it for your children.

They might not understand what they are doing by not brushing, but it’s your responsibility to make sure they develop this habit.


Megan N.

My daughter absolutely loves her new toothbrush and even brushes her teeth more often, don't forget to buy the foam toothpaste (it's just easier and less messy then regular toothpaste) Now that she has the foam toothpaste, she brushes her teeth like 4 times a day!!!! It's the best investment I swear


Heather T.

Our toddler hates brushing her teeth and this product has helped. Not only does she like to use it, but she also is getting a good cleaning.


Jennifer Y.

We had been having trouble getting our toddler excited about brushing her teeth and she LOVES her new toothbrush


Nicole A.

My son absolutely loves this! No more fighting about brushing teeth! I love that it has a sanitizing feature as well! Would buy again and highly recommend

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