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Parents are Helping Children Unlock their Artistic Side through These Extremely Durable and Mess-Free Crayons 

Kiddospace’s revolutionary products are becoming the ideal art supplies.

Kiddospace has brought these revolutionary triangle-colored crayons to the world and is helping little children unlock their artistic side with a fun, durable, and educational experience while being mess-free.

Instead of using colored pencils, normal crayons, or paint brushes… Little children are using these triangle-colored crayons to make coloring time more enjoyable.

The best part? They’re doing it without creating a mess as these crayons are washable and don’t leave any impression on your child’s hands or clothes.

It’s being loved and adored by both parents and children because of how practical, fun, and durable it is.

And if your child loves to color or you want them to develop an artistic side… These crayons seem to be the perfect option right now.

But the only question is, “how did these crayons catch the hearts of parents and children when there are tons of coloring supplies available on the market?”

To answer this question, let's hear the story of Monica who is obsessed with these crayons.

From Being Done with Easily Breakable Crayons and Colored Pencils to Finding These Mess-Free Triangle Colored Crayons, Monica Shares Her Story

Monica bought these triangle-colored crayons for her daughter, who loved a good coloring time.

But before discovering these crayons, Monica had trouble finding the perfect ones for her child that were easy to use and could really instill a love for coloring in her little one.

“These triangle-colored crayons are game-changers. They’re perfect! My daughter can’t wait to color with them every day,” she said

I wanted to find crayons for my child that were easy for her to grip with her little hands, wouldn’t break easily and especially wouldn’t create any mess.

Since then, I have been on the go to find a perfect coloring supply for her.

Plus, all the crayons created so much mess that I had to spend a lot of time cleaning up after she was done painting.”

She tried crayons of expensive brands as well, and even gave paintbrushes and colored pencils a shot… But nothing was good enough.

Until One Day, she Stumbled Upon these Triangle Colored Crayons that Promised to Make Coloring Time more Fun by Being Less Prone to Breaking and Making no Mess.

No more spending hundreds of pounds each year on expensive crayons that would break with a feather’s touch.

No more cleaning up mess after painting time since these crayons left no mess at all as they’re 100% washable. 

Monica had finally found something that would keep her daughter engaged in a fun, creative, and educational coloring experience for hours without blowing a hole in her pocket.

Here are 7 benefits you get once you get your hands on these washable triangle-colored crayons!


Hard to break

These triangle-colored crayons are made with premium paraffin wax that is super durable. They won’t break easily like regular crayons, even if your child applies too much pressure. So now, you don’t have to constantly replace broken crayons.


Easier to grip

Little ones often find it hard to grip crayons properly, but not here. These crayons are neither too thick nor too thin, making them perfect for little ones to easily grip with their tiny hands.

This helps little children easily color and control the crayon to improve their ability to write, color, and draw.


Little to no pressure required

Unlike traditional crayons, your child would not have to put a lot of pressure on imprinting the impression on paper. With just a little pressure, these crayons will easily leave their impression on the paper, and the colors don’t smear off.


Easily washable and mess free 

Traditional crayons can make a mess, but not these! These crayons keep your child’s hands mess-free due to their special composition making coloring time mess-free.

Plus, they’re safe, non-toxic, non-stick, and washable to make coloring time safe and mess-free.

Even if these crayons leave an impression on your child’s hands, clothes, or walls… They would come off with a sprinkle of water.


Breathtaking colors that captivate the eye

Who likes boring and dull colors anyway? These crayons come in bright, vibrant, and distinct colors that your child will fall in love with. From shapes to images to alphabets, your child can write and draw anything. 


Perfect gift idea

If you know a child who loves coloring… These crayons are the perfect gift for them. These crayons will help make a memorable coloring experience every time they’re put on paper.


Money-back guarantee

Kiddospace is confident in the quality of its products; that’s why they are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee, so your purchase is protected. You can shop risk-free with Kiddospace.

Where Can You Buy These Triangle Colored Crayons?

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Thanks to their unique characteristics and revolutionary design, these crayons are making the coloring experience ten times more fun and educational.

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