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Laptop Desk for Kids - No More Slouching!

Why this desk?

This new laptop desk eliminates wrong posture and slouching while using the laptop or reading books.

Improves posture

Perfect for all ages

Fits their gadgets


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Made of high-quality material, the desk is extremely sturdy and durable for use



Can be used to read books, use a laptop, or play with phone/tablet



Easy to fold the desk and put it away - takes no extra space


Slouching when using devices ends here

Kids always tend to bend their neck ahead when using their devices or reading.

This results in an incorrect posture which creates a C-curve spine. And places extreme pressure on their neck joints, causing future pain and discomfort.

However, with this lap desk, your kids can set a viewing angle where they don’t have to bend their neck anymore.

It instantly eliminates slouching, reduces pressure on the joints, and ensures your child’s safety.


Use it on the couch, floor, or bed

We all have lazy days and for days like these… This lap desk will be your child’s most cherished item.

Your child can use this lap desk anywhere they want… On their bed, on the couch, or while sitting on the floor.

The lap desk offers significant leg space underneath, so your comfort is never compromised.

Now whether you homeschool your child or work at home… This lap desk eliminates the need for any other school and office furniture.


Portable and no assembly required

This lap desk is designed for speed and performance… Which means we can’t let you waste time assembling it.

That’s why this lap desk already comes assembled. You just take the lap desk out of the packaging box and ta-da… It’ll be pre-assembled and ready to use.

Want to take it somewhere? Just take the parts apart and fold it. It’s that simple.

A new look at convenience!


Loved by everyone

Kids and adults love using our lap desk



Made of high-quality material



Designed to be with you for years


Adjustable angles

Multiple viewing angles so you can find the best angle for yourself


Car buddy

Perfect to be used in a car during trips



Just take the parts out and fold it to carry anywhere you want.


A desk that can be used by all ages

Ever wanted to comfortable use your laptop, read your book, or use the phone without holding them?

Luckily, this lap desk is loved by parents as well.

You can easily use this lap desk on your bed, on a couch, or on the floor… Wherever you like to work, read, or just use phone for entertainment.

And you won’t need to stack pillows under your laptop anymore… Hence the risk of ruining your laptop is gone.

A perfect fix for both parents and kids.


Try This Laptop Desk today - Risk free!

As a customer-oriented brand, we’ve always put our customer experience first. That’s why, if for any reason at all, you don’t like this product…

Or you received a faulty product and want it replaced, or you just simply didn’t like the colour…

Write back to us within 30 days of purchase and we’ll give you a complete refund - No questions asked!

What’s included?

  • 1x laptop desk
  • 1x 30-day money-back guarantee

Our laptop desk is 5 steps ahead of normal desks Kiddospace Laptop Desk Regular Desk


Kiddospace Laptop Desk


Regular Desk

Prevents slouching


Multiple viewing angles



Comfort is etched into every inch of this lap desk!


Perfect gift

Looking for a gift that your friends and family enjoy for life? This lap desk is the solution you’re looking for.



This lap desk is spacious and you can put your laptop, mouse, books, or whatever you want on it.


Prevents slipping

The leather on top prevents your stuff from slipping down the desk.

30 day return policy

With our 30 day return policy, you can get a refund

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