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KiddoStamp 2.0 - Accessories Kit

Kit includes:

80in white tape

30 waterproof stickers

60 school supplies stickers

1 Black ink refill

1 White ink refill

$29.99 $19.99
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Easy to use

Just paste the waterproof stickers on any item you want to label with ease


Label in seconds

Forget labeling with markers - with this kit you can label in seconds



Waterproof stickers that don’t peel off with water and ink that is waterproof


The ideal refill kit to your stamping needs

You want to label your child’s stuff, but using markers or pens isn’t working.

The writing fades away, the ink smudges, and your little one ends up losing them or getting them mixed up with someone else.

That’s where our accessories kit jumps in. You get waterproof stickers to label any plastic item you like and ink refills to make sure your stamp doesn’t run out of ink.

The stickers will fit perfectly on all plastic items, school supplies and stationery - making sure your child never loses them again.


This kit makes labeling easy and quick!

With this Kit, you get to label everything in less than 3 seconds.

Whether you want to label pens, pencils, school supplies, water bottles, lunch boxes or items like shoes, the accessories kit has everything you need.

From waterproof stickers to labels to ink refills, just use this kit to label anything your child owns and get an ink refill for your stamp.


Stickers that don’t come off - Everything is waterproof

Don’t you hate it when the label comes off easily in the water?

That’s why these stickers are waterproof just like the stamp.

Simply label the supplies and forget about it. No water or dirt will wash the label off.

Even if you run the pen underwater, the stickers won’t come off so they’ll stay there for long.

The only labeling kit you need!


Saves time

Can label anything in less than 3 seconds.


Works on anything

Clothes, socks, water bottles, bags, shoes - You can label anything


Easy to use

Forget the time-consuming labeling processes. Just place the sticker and the labeling is done.


Cute sticker designs

Your little one will love these designs so much, and stay engaged and organized.



From refills to the stickers, everything is waterproof – meaning it won’t fade of fall off after multiple washes.


Saves money

You won’t have to rebuy lost belongings ever again.


Your perfect labeling arsenal!

This accessory kit has everything you need to save time, money, and hassle as a parent.

Waterproof stickers, school supplies stickers, and the white and black ink refill make sure your labeling arsenal is always loaded.

With this kit in your hand, you don’t need to waste money on other labeling techniques, won’t waste time trying to write stuff on supplies and save your sanity as your child will not lose their supplies anymore.


Give the Accessories Kit - risk-free!

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What’s included?

  • 80in white tape (to label thin clothes)
  • 30 waterproof stickers
  • 60 school supply stickers
  • 1 black ink refill
  • 1 white ink refill
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

The accessories kit is 5 steps ahead of other labeling solutions


Accessories kit


Normal labelling solutions


Labels all school supplies

Cute designs

Hassle-free labeling

Saves time and money

Make parenting fun and exciting!

Simple_to Use.webp__PID:548673a5-1c9a-460e-ae1e-234a35ca6156

Simple to use

Just pick the item, place the sticker and you’re done labeling!


Saves time

Unlike other labeling solutions, with this kit it takes seconds to label anything you want.



A personalized labeling solution so you don’t lose your child’s stuff ever again.

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