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KiddoSpace™ - Wooden Montessori Puzzle

Fun, Engaging, and Educational - This Puzzle Set is an All-in-One Solution!

Makes learning easy

Built to last for ages

Entertaining and fun

Easy to learn and play

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Makes learning Easy

Your child can easily memorize all the alphabets, numbers, and basic shapes through playing with this puzzle set


Can easily survive anything your toddler puts it through… resulting in endless fun and games

Easy to play

Just put the numbers and alphabets in their right place to learn and play at the same time

Learning alphabets and numbers has never been easier

If your child is just starting school or is a toddler who doesn’t like memorizing alphabets and numbers through books, then this puzzle set is for you.

Just put the pieces where they belong to learn and understand each alphabet and number without going to read through books.

It helps toddlers master the alphabets and numbers before they start school.

Perfect educational toy for endless hours of fun!

Your child will be engaged for hours, putting pieces to their place while having fun and learning them at the same time.

It makes the puzzle set perfect for toddlers as they’re in their learning age, so they play and learn simultaneously.

If your child is just starting out with the alphabets and numbers, this puzzle set will help them memorize all the alphabets, numbers, and basic shapes.

Pieces are safe yet as sturdy as rocks!

We know that a child can be pretty rough on toys, and it’s not their fault.

That’s why we have designed the puzzle pieces in a way that they can take on anything your child puts them through.

With high-quality material, the puzzle pieces will resist all the damage and destruction, so the puzzle set stays with you for long without breaking apart.

This puzzle set is light on the pocket, fun, and educational!

Save money

Instead of wasting money on books or other toys, get this puzzle set and make learning budget-friendly


Lets your child master alphabets and numbers through play in just a few days


The puzzle set is designed to keep your child engaged in endless play for hours


The pieces are made of high-quality material that makes them sturdy and durable

Vibrant pieces

The puzzle pieces are vibrant and engaging making it easy for your child to identify each number and alphabet

Easy to play

Just put the puzzle pieces in their right place to play and learn at the same time

Play together with your child and form special memories!

Want to do an activity with your toddlers that keeps both of you engaged, so you form priceless memories over play?

This puzzle set lets you play together with your toddlers where you both engage with the set. You help them play and learn while they put puzzle pieces in the right place.

Perfect for forming special memories over playtime before school begins!

Try this puzzle set risk-free now!

As a customer-focused brand, we’re confident in the products we’re providing. That’s why we’re offering a 30 days money-back guarantee on all purchases. If you don’t like this puzzle set for whatever reason, just write back to us within 30 days of your purchase, and we’ll give you a complete refund.

What’s included?

  • 1x Jigsaw Puzzle Set
  • 30-days money-back guarantee

Our puzzle set is 5 steps ahead of basic puzzle sets

Let your child go on a fun play ride through this one-stop educational puzzle set!

Makes learning easy

If your child is bored of learning from books, then this puzzle set will make learning easier and fun for them.

Durability is key

This puzzle set is made with high-quality material that makes sure all the pieces are durable and stay with you for long without breaking apart.

Perfect educational toy

Which toy is fun and educational at the same time, like this puzzle set? None. That’s why this puzzle set is known as the age-appropriate and ideal educational toy for toddlers.

Play together with your child

This puzzle set makes playtime fun for both parents and children as you play together with your child, helping them learn and master their alphabets, numbers, and shapes.

30 day return policy

With our 30 day return policy, you can get a refund

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