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KiddoSpace™ - Peg Dolls in Cups

Perfect toy for toddlers to play and learn!

Encourages hands-on learning

Enhances fine motor skills

Develops sorting and matching skills

Ideal Easter gift

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Enhances hand-eye coordination

By stacking and sorting the peg dolls, your toddlers will enhance their hand-eye coordination without effort

Helps learn counting and basic maths skills

This pack comes with 12 peg dolls that help children with counting and basic maths skills

Encourages independent play

Provides children with an open-ended and self-directed playing experience

Let your toddler learn through play

Toddlers have a sensitive brain that works in weird ways. They learn through play, imitation, and sensory exploration.

Through stacking the peg dolls, matching the right doll colour with the right coloured cup, and counting them…

Your child will learn important life skills like matching and basic counting while improving their fine motor skills without effort.

Fun is at the heart of this game!

These peg dolls are designed to be played with in a way that keeps children engaged and entertained for hours without them realising it. It makes every playtime session super fun and entertaining.

The idea of providing an open-ended playing experience lets children explore their imagination and creativity. It encourages children to use these dolls for imaginative playing scenarios and use their creativity and imagination to bring every game to life.

Fun, education, and joy - All under one umbrella!

Light on wallet

This toy is extremely light on the wallet, unlike remote control cars or other toys.

Fun and entertaining

Keeps children engaged for hours in an open-ended playing experience.

Develop life skills

This toy helps your child develop basic life skills quickly and efficiently.

Cognitive development

When playing with the peg dolls, such as trying to fit the doll in the right cup, your child will improve problem-solving skills and enhance cognitive development.


Made for toddlers so they can easily play with the toy without any complexity.

Safe and durable

Made with finest and non-toxic material so that these peg dolls stay with you for long and don’t pose any harm to your child.

Crafted with love and made from non-toxic and high-quality material!

We want to make sure that this toy brings no harm to your child… That’s why it’s made with non-toxic and high-quality material that is not only safe for children but won’t break easily no matter what damage your child puts it through.

Plus, this toy has no batteries or parts that could result in choking hazards or needs your supervision.

Crafted for curious little hands!

Not all toys available on the market are age-appropriate for toddlers. Some are too heavy, too complex to play with, or just not right for the tender age of toddlers.

These peg dolls were designed keeping toddlers in mind, that’s why they’re small-sized - perfect for little hands to easily grasp, lightweight, so they don’t cause any aches, and simple to play with.

Give this peg doll game a try today risk-free!

At Kiddospace, we’re all about you, i.e., our customers. That’s why, if you don’t like this product for whatever reason, just write back to us within 30 days of your purchase, and we’ll give you a complete refund - no questions asked!

What’s included?

  • 1x set of peg dolls and cups (includes 12 dolls and 12 cups)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

This peg doll game is 5 steps ahead of normal toys for children

Let your children explore their creativity and imagination with this unique peg doll game set!

Promotes hands-on learning

This game is designed on the basis of ideology that children learn through play approach and helps children learn through playing matching, sorting, counting, and other games with the peg dolls.

Encourages creativity

Children can explore their imagination and play all sorts of games with these peg dolls that boost imagination and creativity.

Durable and safe

Made with high-quality and non-toxic material, this peg doll game is safe for children to play with and contains no parts that could pose harm to them.

Alternative to phone screens

Unlike phone screens, this peg doll game enhances and boost your child’s cognitive development, physical development, mental development, and problem-solving skills.

30 day return policy

With our 30 day return policy, you can get a refund

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